Free weaving

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen the photo I posted on this fantastic bracelet that I’ve been weaving. It is double the width to the weaved bracelets I have done before and I’m loving it. But before I went for this wide look I decided to be wild and free with a few wires I had pre-cut.

Weaved wire bracelet

This free style is actually really wonderful. It did not need so much patients and time to create so it really was fun. Since the bracelet only consisted of 8 pieces of wire it turned out only 8 cm wide but it does not matter. It is in that way more delicate.

Weaved wire braceletWeaved wire bracelet

I’ll be real soon finished with the wide weaved bracelet. Hope to show it to you soon. Visit my Facebook pages to see how I’m creating it. Have a great evening everyone!

– Alina

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