Art for my girls

We got some shelves put up in our girls room when we decided to make over their room. I had a vision that the higher shelves would be the ones that they would not get their hands on. The two underneath would be their own  and for them to put their important things on. I knew I wanted some photos on the top shelves but also some kind of art but what I was not sure.

The photos I got up pretty fast but finding something else ended up being so hard. I went through multiple poster sites but I found nothing that I liked. In the end I decided to make it myself. underneath you can see the finished ‘piece’ me and the girls made.

Making an art piece for the wall

I gave some paper and water colors for the girls and let them just paint whatever they wanted. I cut out circles from the dried watercolor paintings using my big shot and started to play around with the circles. I decided to go from light to dark with the way I arranged the circles. I lightly glued the circles onto the paper just using a basic glue stick. I then framed it using an old frame I had lying around and that was it. Here are some photos from the project.

Making an art piece for the wallMaking an art piece for the wallMaking an art piece for the wallMaking an art piece for the wallMaking an art piece for the wall

And this is where it ended up. I’m not sure about all the details yet but we’ll probably get there at some point.

Making an art piece for the wall

Have a great weekend everyone. Got a fab necklace coming up this weekend.

– Alina

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2 Responses to Art for my girls

  1. I really like this idea! I have some paintings like these and I might do something similar.. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • alinakelo says:

      Thanks! I was surprised myself how good it looked. It would very well go in other rooms as well, not only a kids room. I’m glad you found some inspiration from this!

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