Three bracelets more

I’m really in the mood for long necklaces and bracelets right now and since my brain won’t let me understand that I have no more space for new piece I decided to make some more. This time I’ve got three bracelets to show you.

Rose quartz bracelet - -

This light pink bracelet is made of large rose quartz nuggets with two 4mm metal square beads and a square freshwater pearl charm. Beautiful yet so simple.

Rose quartz bracelet - - Brazil Petrified Wood Agate bracelet - -

This bracelet is made of Brazil Petrified Wood agate. I love this stone even though black/dark colors aren’t my cup of tea. This stone though somehow just speaks to me. I added a few rectangle metal beads and a faceted crystal quartz to the bracelet also.

Brazil Petrified Wood Agate bracelet - - Black fire agate bracelet - -

The last bracelet is made of black fire agate. I might call it even fierce since the cracked white lines in the stones just pop on the black.

Black fire agate bracelet - -That’s it for tonight. Have a great evening everyone! I have something chocolatey coming up next.

– Alina

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