Confronting my fear

I bake but not when it requires yeast.  I’ve had too many bad experiences when baking with it and sometime ago I decided to just forget it. Last week though I had to confront this yeast beast since my girls had been asking me to bake some buns. For some unexplained reason the buns turned out real good and my belief in baking with yeast took a step forward. Maybe, just maybe, I might start using yeast….

Here’s a quick pic of the Buns of Hope. Oh so yummy if you cut it up and put a little jam and whipped cream in between.


So since these buns turned out good I ended up baking today and decided to go for the dreaded homemade bread. My mother had bought some malt which is usually used here to make homemade beer but also fro baking. The bag the malt came in had a recipe for malt bread and I went for it.

Malt breadWas I surprised that it worked? Oh yes! The batch was so big that I made four of these breads. They will last for a while and I’m pretty sure it was financially worth it as well. The bread is very dark and looks almost burned but trust me, it is not. The recipe contained 3 different flours, syrup, sun flower seeds etc.

Malt breadThe taste is pretty powerful but very delicious. The syrup brings out a sweetness in the bread which I like. The recipe did say that the bread is at it’s best after two days but we could not wait and ate half of the first bread already. It’ll be very interesting to see is it true. I also like the fact that it can be frozen. This way you can make a large number of them at one time.

Malt breadHere’s a picture of the bag of malts. Unfortunately it is in Finnish but I wanted to post it so all my Finnish readers can find it easily in the stores if they decide to bake these great breads. And in the end, maybe I just might really start using yeast more often since this second try was a success as well.

– Alina

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5 Responses to Confronting my fear

  1. Jhuls says:

    Ahhh! The Yeast Beast! I’ve had 3 experiences with the beast and just few days ago, I baked bread and failed. 😦 I was thinking to forget about the yeast and never try again, but NO NO NO. I’ll just gather up some strength to face the beast. I am so happy for you and the buns look so delicious!!

  2. Kate says:

    I am assuming you are using dry yeast. I have also had problems using this and don’t like it much. However, throughout my days at secondary school I baked a lot at school using fresh yeast. It is just beautiful to use and smells fantastic although it is very hard to get hold of nowadays which is a great shame. I love homemade bread so much though that I am going to have another go. Your bread looked so yummy!

    • alinakelo says:

      I actually used fresh yeast but I really do think that I just need a bit of practice before this thing takes off. I guess we are in luck in Finland since fresh yeast is a basic ingredient in any store here and can therefore be found very easily. I was not even aware that this was a problem in other places! That is a shame. But I do love homemade bread and hope that this luck with the yeast will continue.

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