Smootie time

Smoothies are the greatest! You can put all this healthy stuff into a blender and just by pressing the button you can turn it into a wonderful tasting drink. I, as an adult, love to drink these for the healthy reasons but I noticed I can get all these healthy ingredients into my girls as well without any problems. Here are a few that I did for me and the girls last Sunday.

Spinach, peach and ginger smoothie

This green smoothie was more to my taste due to the ginger. I think I put a little too much of it, at least according to the girls, so as a caution: Be careful with the ginger. Too much of it is just a too powerful. Otherwise I loved it. Spinach, peach and ginger smoothie
This light yellow smoothie was more to the girls’ liking. I love to add oatmeal to smoothies to give them some richness and they keep the hunger away a bit more longer. Oatmeal in a smoothie is also great for kids who really have a problem with eating porridge (the everyday breakfast at our house). Peach and oatmeal smoothiePeach and oatmeal smoothieIf you are wondering about how much I put of each ingredient then I’ll just have to say that I went with what felt good and tasted good. Trust yourself and always remember to taste. Enjoy!

– Alina

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2 Responses to Smootie time

  1. Kate says:

    I have a lovely recipe which is good when there is a glut of strawberries. Put a small handful of strawberries, a glass of soya milk and a spoonful of maple syrup into the blender and whizz. Scrummy.

    • alinakelo says:

      Thanks for the quick recipe. I will surely try that as well! Sounds lovely and I really love anything with strawberries. I’m sure it is at it’s best during summer when I can get my hands on some fresh ones.

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