Egg carton fun

Egg carton

I’ve lately ordered my organic eggs straight from the farms and they come in batches of 30. Therefore the carton itself is also pretty big compared to the store bought egg cartons.

I didn’t have to heart to through them away since they were just perfect for the kids to do some crafts.

I decided to go for colorful bugs since I noticed I had some pipe cleaners, puff balls, cupcake baking cups and some googly eyes.

Cut out egg carton pieces

So I cut out the egg carton into little cups you could say to use them as the bodies of the bugs and then I made the girls an example.I’ve noticed that this is pretty crucial for them since a concrete example is the easiest way to explain to a 2 and 4 year old.

So the craft wasn’t complicate. I poked 4 little holes into the egg carton cups and the girls got to practice their accuracy by putting the pipe cleaner legs through them. The baking top was glued onto the back and then the head was done. That’s it. So this was my example which actually turned out pretty dull compared to the once that the girls did. I love the imagination of children. It is so free and open to everything.

Bug crafts

This is what the girls got done:

Bug crafts Bug crafts Bug crafts

This craft session turned into such a fun time. My four year especially loved it. She really got into the designing part. We started out by using just normal craft glue but in the end we ended up using my glue gun. It worked real well with the kids when we just went through the rules about the glue gun. The gun made it able for us to finish the bugs and not wait for the craft glue to dry. So much more fun for adults and kids.

So any of you looking for a fun time with kids..this is it. You need only a few simple things and you can do this. Then let your imagination fly!

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