Spring in my kitchen

The wait for actual light green spring can be long but to lighten up your home you can bring spring inside a bit earlier. The time between actual winter and spring is quite grey and colorless so therefore I really start to crave for color. I gathered some branches from our cabin a few weeks back and put them on our dining table. In no time these branches started to bloom. Ah….spring at least in a small scale.

Spring Spring SpringI bought a new table cloth as well last week. I think it might have been my first ever since I’ve never been a big fan of table cloths. My current life situation brought this upon me since I live with small children and own a clear glass table. I decided to ease my life by buying a table cloth which is coated fabric. Nowadays they aren’t as plastic like as before and they almost seem like normal fabric. Love it!

Table clothSince getting the new table cloth and the branches to bloom I decided to also grow some peas. This is such an easy way to get a little bit of extra into your own salads or as garnish or just a bit of green on your bread.

Peas PeasThe way they strech out towards the sun you can almost feel the need of growing in the peas. Perfect start for spring!

– Alina


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