Soft Easter eggs tutorial

At least here in Finland pussy willows are an essential part of Easter decorations and without them there is so no Easter for me. We went to pick some with the girls a few weeks ago already and after coming home I noticed that some of the fluffy little catkins had fallen off. So I got an idea. Soft fluffy Easter egg decorations.

Soft Easter egg

So I decided to make this into a small tutorial for you guys as well since I haven’t done one in a while. Here we go then! Note that the egg that I use here is a real egg that I had already a while back emptied out by punching carefully two holes at each ends and then blowing out the contents.

Materials you need to make the soft Easter eggStringSoft Easter egg tutorialSoft Easter egg tutorialSoft Easter egg tutorialSoft Easter egg tutorial

Actually pretty easy but needs a bit of work to get one done. I decided to use my clever little girls to help me out with this project by making them take off the catkins from the pussy willows. Sounds boring to us adults but the kids loved it. Here’s a little tip if you want to do this with the kids and it’s still cold outside. Lay an old bed sheet on the floor and this way you can just easily tidy up when you are done.

Picking catkins off the pussy willows inside I can’t wait to make more. If you want you can always a add a splash of color to the finished egg by tying a colorful ribbon to the string. I decided to go the earth tone colors. Goes real well with the spring I have going on on my dining table. Look at how the branches are blooming.


Got your Easter decorations up yet? Hurry, it’s nearly here.

– Alina



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