Yeast bread

I had earlier already talked about my problem with baking with yeast. The last few times have been successful and I have had a big confidence boost. So I decided to try out the basic yeast bread that has never ever worked out. I’m starting to think that I might not have to buy bread from the store that often anymore.

Yeast bread

There are a few things that I have noticed while working with bread or should I say with yeast.

1. You really have to knead knead and knead. Do not underestimate this!

2. You have to let it rise well.

3. You have to knead and rise more than once.

4. The flour balance is important in the dough. Too much is too much and too little is too little. I think this might be something that will only be learned through experience.

5. Put a bowl of water into the oven to keep the air in it humid while the bread bakes.

6. Once baked put a cloth over it straight away. After it has cooled down keep it in a air tight container to keep it soft.

These points are only things that I have noticed that make the bread better. Even when I take these points into account and other once as well it always does not just work out. Don’t let that get to you. Try again! I did. The price that I got was worth the effort. The combo of by own bread and the growing my own peas was all that I needed to make me happy.

Growing peasBreadI could live on this. Maybe I should get my own cow and start making cheese and butter as well.

– Alina

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