Remembering the name day

I like to celebrate my kids’ name days a little. I think it’s a fun tiny thing between these ordinary days and I usually try to find something small for them to give. This year I found these to give to my eldest daughter a few weeks back.

Multi-colored pencils

These pencils are multi-colored which made them ‘extra cool’. My daughter had such a fun time with them that I stopped counting how many times I had to sharpen them. Note that I also hate bad quality pencils that you can’t color with. By giving good quality pencil to kids you will surely give them the opportunity to learn to love coloring and drawing.

Now I get to my actual point! So during my search for something small to give I ended up at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art and noticed something. I visited the museum’s shop and discovered that it held a large variety of products that were great gift ideas for kids as well as adults. Museum shops hold things that can be more interesting as well as unusual and those are always great gifts. The quality of the products are also good. So the next time you are looking for a gift visit a museum. You might find the perfect gift as well as have a cultural experience.

Multi-colored pencils

Don’t forget to wrap! I wrapped the pencils in baking paper (works perfectly as wrapping paper) and then I used some lavender colored silk paper. To top it off I put some fun yellow and pink washi tape and some pink string around it.

Pencils wrappedI made a small card using my Big Shot machine and the basic circle and scalloped circle dies. I stamped a cute little bunny onto the card and then I stamped a flower for the bunny to hold. I used my Spectrum Noir markers to color the bunny and as the last touch I added glitter to the flower. 

Pencils wrapped

Remember, wrapping always makes the gift a bit sweeter.

Talking about sweeter, I have something sweet and cool coming up soon.

– Alina

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