Sea-buckthorn berry and carrot ice cream

I love to make ice cream myself even though I make it very rarely. Ice cream machines have been around for sometime and about 2 years ago they were also the Christmas present hit here in Finland. One thing I noticed that you really don’t need a machine to make you very own ice cream. It is actually quite easy.

This time I bumped into an ice cream recipe that used carrots and sea-buckthorn berry juice. Are  you familiar with the sea-buckthorn berry? They are unpleasant to eat raw and are therefore mixed with something bit sweeter first. They are great sources of vitamin C as well. The berry does have a elegant taste but it seems to taste good only if you can match it up right with something else. The concentrated juice that we have here in the stores is also quite horrible so therefore it it is only good when making something out of it. Like ice cream! Of course for it’s healthy factors it is also perfect for smoothies. But this is what I was able to create! Beautiful colored ice cream  I think.

Carrot and sea-buckthorn berry ice cream




4 egg yolks
1 dl extra fine sugar
1.5 dl milk
2 dl double cream
1 star anise
1 dl glucose syrup
2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar
1/2 dl Sea-buckthorn berry condensed juice
2.5 dl carrot mash (from 2-3 boiled carrots)

1. Whip the yolks and sugar into a light white froth.
2. Put the milk, cream, star anise and glucose syrup into a pan. Bring the mixture into a simmer while constantly mixing.
3. Take the star anise away and take the pan off the stove. Pour the yolk and sugar mixture into the hot cream mixture while mixing at the same time strongly.
4. Mix the powdered sugar into the juice. Add  by folding the juice and carrot mash into the ice cream mixture.
5. Move the mixture into a bowl (preferable a thin rimmed and rounded bottom). Cover the bowl with foil and put into the freezer for at least two hours. Mix the ice cream a couple of times while in the freezer.

Carrot and sea-buckthorn berry ice creamA very sunny ice cream. Perfect for the spring.

– Alina

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