Thank you gifts for the teachers

The time to thank my daughters teachers has once again come. Once in a while I still catch myself thinking that don’t you just love giving. For this thought I do have to thank my mother since it has always been a way of life for her.

I decided to keep it pretty simple this year but I’m happy with the outcome. Hope they liked it too. In all my daughter’s group has 5 teachers so I made each teacher a necklace that I slipped into the organza bags that I have.

Necklaces Pendants

I also bought some cute glass bottles that are great for the gift receiver to use again. I filled them up with our own red currant juice. Hint to you all juice makers. You can freeze the berries in big plastic bags and then make juice in smaller batches.

Red currant juice

Last but not least I made 5 cards based on the same sketch but I played around with he colors and my beloved wash tapes.

Thank you cardsThank you cardThank you cardThank you cardThank you cardThank you cardI just slipped the cards, the bottles and the jewelry into brown paper bags and tied a name tag to the bag. That was important since I was sure to get them all mixed up at the spring concert.

Gift bags ready to go

Hope they liked it since they really had earned them. Teachers’ work is so important to us parents that we must remember these wonderful people. Thank you to them!

– Alina




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2 Responses to Thank you gifts for the teachers

  1. Kate says:

    So beautiful Alina! Lucky teachers receiving such gorgeous gifts 🙂

  2. kerenbaker says:

    These are beautiful!! You’re right about thanking them! Love the whole sets!

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