Butterfly wing brooch

So this one I will say really out load: I am so proud of myself! For the past 2 months I’ve been scratching my head and pondering as well as thinking that was I crazy to take this project.

Last autumn I was asked to create a piece, specifically a brooch. The customer is finishing her doctoral studies and she wanted a jewelry piece that represented the theme she had studied in her thesis. The theme was butterflies.

So I did a bunch of sketches that I thought might work. This proved to be even harder since I had not made a brooch before. So after multiple sketches and studies in how to create a brooch, it was time to take action. I cut the wing from a 10×5 cm piece of sterling silver sheet which was 0.8 mm thick.

Sterling silver butterfly wing brooch

This is the actual pin back. I found multiple ways of making it but I ended up with this style. I really hope it will last since it was my first time creating it.

Sterling silver butterfly wing brooch

I decided to use the labradorite stones that ended up being perfect. I went through multiple stones that I thought might be good but in the end this great little faceted coin stone was it. At first the labradorite looks just grey but if you look at it more carefully in different angles you notice that it shifts colors from blue to green as well. Beautiful. I also wanted to attach the stone by using 0.3mm sterling silver wire and give it just little bit of a rough look. I thought it balanced out the smoothness of the wing.

Sterling silver butterfly wing broochSterling silver butterfly wing brooch

I had to take a picture me holding it so you could see the size of the brooch. I do think that my hands look ever so worn out especially when it is compared to the smooth background and the brooch. Oh well…that is what you get when you love to make things with your hands.

Sterling silver butterfly wing brooch Sterling silver butterfly wing broochThen into the bag with the card and it’s off. I think I’m going to miss it and that only means that I need to start sketching a new one. This time I think I’ll go for a pendant.

Sterling silver butterfly wing brooch Sterling silver butterfly wing broochMaybe I’ll just do another one. I had such fun.

– Alina


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