Matching takes time

Time is always a strain on jewelry making. The spring has been a tough one since a ever lasting flu hit us and that took away all the energy. We also finally started our renovation at home and I had to evacuate me, the girls and my things to the cottage for weeks. Not a small move.

So finally I got all my things in order and can start concentrating again. One thing that takes a lot of time is the inspiration when making jewelry. I would love to mix different stones more but that takes so much time to find the perfect match. Luckly this time I somewhat managed to do this.

Agate necklaceAgate necklaceAgate necklaceThe necklace and the bracelet are both made of 10 mm faceted cracked agate stones which vary in color, grey faceted 6mm agate, white jade cubes, 10 mm matte champagne colored sea shell pearls and 8 mm aquamarine stones. I also added some silver cubes as well.

Agate braceletThe bracelet is actually one long strand that I just wrap around my wrist. I like it how the strand overlaps itself.

Agate bracelet

More to come hopefully soon but today I might need a nap instead of jewelry making. We have the chicken pox now since the flu is gone and the nights have been quite hectic. Family life as they say.

– Alina



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  1. Michelle Wood Studio says:

    Love this one!

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