Black currant and mint leaf juice

Black currant and mint leaf juiceThis has to be absolutely my favorite juice of all time. I did it last year for the first time and since then I have been anxiously waiting for the next summer.

Now that our summer holiday started and we have settled at our cottage, I got to making this wonderful juice. We are more accustomed to making juice out of apples, red and black currant berries so this was a lovely surprise last year. Leaves work as well!

I’ll share this fresh and mouth tingling recipe with you and I really do hope that if you have access to these leaves you will surely try it. It is a fun way to start the juice making season and so easy that anyone can do it.

Mint leavesYou are going to need mint and black currant leaves. Then only water, sugar and citric acid. The acid at least here in Finland can be found at drug stores. The citric acid looks just like sugar and is the culprit causing your lips to pucker up when taking a bite of a lemon or tasting unsweetened lemon juice.

Black currant leavesThis time you’ll get the recipe like this. Hope you can all read it but don’t be afraid to ask if you have trouble reading it.

Leaf juice recipeEven though the recipe says you get 2 1/2 litres of ready juice remember that you are actually getting a lot more since you can really water it down.

Black currant and mint leaf juiceBoletesThe day came to a perfect end when I found two boletes right in middle of our yard. The mushroom season is starting and these little two beauties were our first treats. I can’t wait but first I’ll enjoy our soon to be ready carrots and potatoes.

Have a wonderful evening. I’m off to making jewelry.

– Alina



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  1. Ema Jones says:

    Seems good!!
    Have a look at smoothies for weight loss..

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