If porridge isn’t you thing…

Strawberry season is here and we had some fresh strawberries growing just outside our door I decided to surprise the girls in the morning with a yummy breakfast by using these lovely strawberries. My girls and I eat porridge nearly each morning. It usually isn’t anything fancy but if you got 2 minutes more time to make it you can really make it into something good.

Strawberry porridge

Strawberry porridgeTo make this porridge you only need is oatmeal, berries, salt and sugar. I first let the oatmeal cook for a while. I sliced up most of the strawberries and mixed them into the porridge. I let them soften up and bring a little color to the porridge. I seasoned the porridge with sugar and salt. A pinch of salt is enough so be careful. Put some fresh strawberries on top.

Strawberry porridge

So if porridge isn’t your thing, try it with some fresh berries and I’m sure it’ll go down.

– Alina


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