Rings for my girls tutorial

My eldest has been asking me when will she get her own rings and each time I’ve had tell her that when she is older. A few days back I decided to do something about this and finally we had more rings than fingers.


These were a hit with the girls and they would have probably wanted even more but time ran out. But they do look wonderful. I did a little tutorial for you.

Ring tutorialRing tutorialRing tutorialRing tutorialThat is how simple it is. So try it out and enjoy!

RingsRingsRingsThe girls were in such a hurry that this was the best photo I got of the rings. My youngest is going through her strong willed 3 year old phase and turns instantly away when I try to photograph her. My eldest luckly let me take one photo of her hands before she was off to play princess.

Rings– Alina

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