Cement leaf tutorial

About 6 years ago I did some cement leaves and since then I haven’t had the chance. This summer I did not let the holidays get in the way and I finally got three leaves done.

We’ve all probably seen all these wonderful cement project people have created. I’ve always had a thing for the leaves since the idea of preserving the beautiful shape. I noticed that rhubarb leaves I perfect to use for this project since the leaves are strong and large. I wanted to make leaves that weren’t flat but had a bit of a concave shape to them.

Here is a little tutorial on how I made my cement leaves.




1. Buy some cement from the hardware store. This is the one that I got here in Finland. Mix it with water. Make sure the mixture isn’t too watery since you don’t want it running done the leaves.


2. I spread a large sheet of protective cover over the grass and made little piles of dirt on the sheet. The reason for these piles were to give the cement leaves their concave shape.

Cement leaf tutorial

3. I picked rhubarb leaves which had distinct veins and laid them on top of the piles.

Cement leaf

3. I then covered the leaves with them cement. I mostly used my hands since it was the best way to keep the cement in control and to get the best result. Remember to have good gloves since cement can take a toll on you hands.

Cement leaf4. Let the leaves dry over night. After turning the cement leaves around you can pull off the  green leaf off. Notice that if you use a leaf with distinct veins they are quite hard to take off immediately. I just left all the green on that seemed to hard to take off by hand.

Cement leaf

5. I left the leaves outside and as you can see nature did it’s thing and the green parts started falling off by themselves. You can then use a brush to take off the excess leaf parts still.

Cement leaf

6. Then you have yourself beautiful cement leaves that you can use inside or outside. I love to use them in my garden and have them popping up in various corners.

Cement leaf

Cement leafCement leaf

I want to show you the leaf that I did 6 years ago. It has been outside since then enduring the hot summer sun, the pouring autumn rains and the cold winters and I think it still looks quite good. I love that the moss has started growing on it since it just fits in to our natural garden a  bit better.

Cement leafI hope to try some other interesting projects next summer. Now I have to get my head straight since I’m starting work tomorrow. Hope I can keep this blog going and all the little things I do.

– Alina


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  1. Syl says:

    Thank you for this tutorial!

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