I’ve probably mentioned before that I love to surf on the web and find new material for my jewelry making obsession. During the start of the summer I made a find on Ebay. It was a fox head that I thought was just wonderful. Not only was it shiny and not antique silver but the size was great (approx. 5x4cm). I love charms but finding these bigger once is always a treat.

So I did this real quick necklace on the last day of my summer holiday. I’m really hoping to see how these fox jewelries evolve since I have 20 of these heads.

Fox necklace Fox necklace

I used a large faceted crystal quartz, a faceted dyed orage jade, a carnelian and a white freshwater pearl in the necklace.

Fox necklace Fox necklace What do you think about the fox? Aren’t the carvings beautiful?

– Alina


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