Cords all around

It doesn’t matter is it leather or cotton but it has to be cord. About a year ago I did my first cord bracelet and I fell in love. Since then I have made a multiple amount of these. I’ll share with you one of the cord bracelets. This one goes around your arm once. I’m planning to make longer once using this weaving technique but that I haven’t gotten around to yet.


Cord bracelets

I’ve used different kinds of cords from leather to waxed cotton. I just received new light colored waxed cotton cord from China and I’m so excited how it works in these. I do prefer leather but day by day I’m more into using cotton as well. The light once are beautiful.

Cotton cord braceletsCotton cord braceletsCotton cord braceletsThe redish brown is the leather and the darker brown is the cotton cord. In the beginning the leather is a bit stiff but in the end it softens up. The color also darkenss a bit.

Cottonand leather  cord bracelets

Before I could tackle this form of jewelry I had to start buying buttons. Actually I had buttons quite a lot but they were all plastic and these I simply could not use. I just don’t use plastic in my jewelry. I love to bring real nature into these pieces so I look for wooden buttons or sea shell ones. This is actually a lot harder then I thought since buttons from natural material are harder to come by. I also used metal buttons which weren’t easy either to find. I did find some in a button shop in Porvoo, Finland this summer. Also if you happen to go to Tallinn, Estonia, there is a  wholesale store near the old town that has wonderful things for a craft addict. Here is a picture of the buttons I bought from Provoo.


This is too addicting. I’m not sure it is healthy anymore.

– Alina


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