Color combo bracelet

This is once again one of these pieces that have been lying around in my to-do-bag. I keep carrying around this bag hoping that one day it will be empty and all I have in front of me is clear space for new projects. Ha…what a dream.

About a year ago I stumbled across this color combo while going through my stones. This bracelet consists of 6mm faceted orange dyed jade, carenlia and oh….something blue. Unfortunately my youngest daughter decided to arrange my stones’ names and therefore this blue one will remain a mystery since I could not place the piece of paper with the name on it anymore.

Enough of the talk. Here’s the bracelet. A delicious color combo I think!

Multi strand bracelet Multi strand bracelet Multi strand bracelet

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ve lately only been posting picture of jewelry. Sorry for that. I will have to admit that I must priorities my life a bit more since going back to work and I really haven’t got time to execute all the ideas in my head.

– Alina


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