Lost teddy found it’s way home

My eldest daughter has tens of soft toys that all have a special place in her heart. She will offer a home to any soft toy that is without a loving home and take care of them. At times I think I could clean up a bit and put a away a few but in the end I fail. She rotates them. All the soft toys are in her bed but one is always in her arms when she falls asleep and this toy is never the same toy. So in some heart warming way she gives each toy the attention they need. No one is left in the corner alone.

So a while back she left a teddy at the library and the sadness was heartbreaking. All I could say after the futile search and rescue was to move on and think of all the other toys. This of course was not an acceptable conclusion when it came to my daughter.

I was lucky since the teddy she lost was a soft toy from Ikea and was one of the 1€ toys. So I went to buy one but decided to make the reunion a bit more enchanting.

Teddy ready for packagingI decided to wrap up the teddy and say that the teddy found it’s own way home. I made up a story. It befriended a post man during it’s adventure in the library and asked the post man to send him home. So the nice post man wrapped the teddy and helped the teddy to write a little card for my daughter explaining the situation. Dropped it into our mail box and it made it’s own way home.

cardThe reunion was a blast. My daughter was thrilled but not only because the teddy came back but because it was the same teddy and she even got post.

Remember that adding a small touch of magic to your childrens’ everyday life can be wonderful for them and you. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Usually small is already big to them.

– Alina

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