Snacks at home

For the first time I had to stay home from work because my daughter was sick. I was so glad to be back in the kitchen since starting work cooking and baking has been at it’s minimum. I only do what I must and being in the kitchen was one of them on this sick day.

I did actually make cheese, bake cookies and make my all time favorite zucchini soup but I also made a delicious snack for the girls. I did my fast version of the club sandwich for us girls and also a girly pink smoothie that had a pack of vitamins for my girls.

SandwichThe club sandwich was a more of a healthy version of the actual club sandwich. Instead of using white bread, I used rye bread which fit perfectly since my girls seem to prefer it anyway. I also left out the bacon and the mayonnaise.

Strawberry smoothieI also gave them something pink to drink. The color of the food seems to have an effect on the children as well and when it comes to girls, they seem to think that pink food is always good. So I did a little strawberry and lingonberry smoothie. I added a bit of hunny to it and some natural yoghourt.

Netiher the girls nor I complained about this snack. All was well.

– Alina

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