Silent blog = hassel in the background

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long silence but I’ve been dashing around trying to get ready for the coming winter for the past two weeks. Unfortunately most of my time went into not crafts, food nor jewelry but in trying to sort all the girls’ winter clothes and their hobbies. I’m also still learning this new life we have since going back to work and that learning curve has stolen my inspiration. Don’t worry it is coming back.

I did create a end of the year list in my head which I really have to try to concentrate on and execute.

1. Christmas cards ( Have to make about 20 cards. I’ve bought the cards but decorating them is the next step.)

2. Small Christmas gifts for my girls’ play school teachers (Testing out a few things currently before making any final decisions)

3. Create a piece of wall art to hang up in our living room. (Can’t decide weather to use feathers or wood. I’ll open up this later to you readers)

4. 5th Birthday party coming up in December (Planning, planning and planning)

5. Christmas present (What I’ve already bought and what I still need to get.)

On thing that I’m going to start using more of is my Instagram account. Here is the link straight to my account so you’ll get a peak into what goes on around in my head. I also added the Instagram button on the right banner so you can find it later on as well. If for some reason it does not find me, my account name is akcwmh. Don’t get frustrated with me, I’m still new to it so I must try to remember to update it.

Since the first winter winds have reached Finland this week I decided to just add a picture of a pretty wintery colored bracelet.

BraceletThe bracelet is made of freshwater pearls and crystal quartz. In this bracelet I used sterling silver and therefore I also added a beautiful silver Bali bead net to the toggle lock.

I really hope I can soon write again. Have so many images to show you.

Have a lovely weekend.

– Alina

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