Happy Halloween – hanging ghosts

So Halloween is here again. Here in Finland Halloween isn’t part of our culture but it seems to be coming. To me it is something that is close to my heart since I got to trick or treat when I was young and I loved it. I mean, what kid doesn’t?

I created some real easy ghosts with the girls and hung them on top of our dining table.


Want to make some with your kids? This is what you need.

White fabric (I used an old white bed sheet)
Plastic mugs
Googly eyes

1. Cut square shapes from the white fabric.
2. Poke a hole at the bottom of the mug and in the middle of the square shaped fabrics.
3. Cut a piece of the string and create a knot at one end of the string.
4. Pull the string through the inside of the mug and then through the fabric piece.
5. Glue the googly eyes and let it dry.
6. Your finished and you can now go string it where you want.

Crafts with kids


That’s how easy it was. This was a great craft session with the girls since it was still easy enough for the little one but at the same time both of them had the possibility to learn their monitor skills (cutting). They were also quick to make so as a working mom I could do this.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

– Alina

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