DIY: Autumn scenery in the girls room

The days are getting shorter and I strongly believe that people should start using Christmas lights a bit earlier. I started using them about a month ago already. I actually don’t even call the Christmas lights but rather little lights. They bring light but also give a nice warm mood to the evenings. The other thing that you can do with them is bring a little magic to the everyday life of your children.

I’ve numerously used my girls’ room’s window to display something fun for them and this time the theme was autumn. The windows we have, have two window panes and the depth between them is quite large. Luckly for me, large enough for me to create a world.

So I did a magical autumn world in the forest using diffrent kinds moss, fake mushrooms, polypore, pine cones, little lights etc.

IMG_0353IMG_0356 IMG_0355IMG_0354

As you can probably tell, I have the little lights popping up here and there. I taped the string of lights to the area between the window panes and then just pull the little bulbs through the pieces of moss.



If time is on my side, a winter scenery  will pop up.

– Alina

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3 Responses to DIY: Autumn scenery in the girls room

  1. Anita Jayne says:

    This is so adorable!

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