This summer we decided to renovate our upstairs which is still under work. Don’t get me wrong. We were able to do the big things in about 3 week. These included painting all the walls and putting in a new floor and getting the necessary furniture.

Inside my head I stress about this interior designing. Since we had a empty room to start with I really want it to turn out good. I wanted something unique, something that was ours and not always store bought. So when autumn came I was able to say that at least a part of this dream had succeeded.

The Stumps

We’ve all seen these wonderful stumps playing the role of tables for a while now and I really wanted my own. Luckly we had to cut down a hugh old tree during the summer and my husband had saved the tree into perfect stumps for me.

They found a home next to our couches. They really are just beautifulon their own. A bit of cracking  here and there has happened but right now it seems that they are going to be ok.


The cracking is happening since the stumps are drying. We are going to have to paint at least the tops’ of the stumps after they have dried out well since one day some one will spill something on them and I do not want the liquid running down the cracks. Varnish of some kind will have to be bought.


In the next picture you can see more clearly where I ended up putting these stumps but there is also another thing that I do want to mention. I love love love the shelf that I found from Kodin 1. Luckly I did find it because it was the only shelve that had the quality i was lookng for and that was that I could hide the t.v.

Living roomThe shelve has a sliding door. So in the above picture you can’t see the horrible looking t.v. but the books and the old wooden carts from 1969 that I saved from my grandparents’ barn. I also like that the shelve is approx. 150 cm high so not the very normal height.

Next time you can read about the lighting part.

– Alina

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