Lighting is a must

I wrote about the stumps that I had finally gotten into our living room. Now I’ll tell you a bit about the lighting which will be a perfect bridge to the Christmas.

After getting the couch I noticed that there really wasn’t any lighting above it. Lighting plays a big role in Finland due to the seasonal changes we have. During the darkest times the sun only rises for about 4 hours per day. So there for I was keen to get some lights above the couch.

The Ikea wall rail with lights

So one night I was tossing and turning and thinking about what to do with this problem. I suddenly thought about the wall rail shelves that Ikea sell and the kitchen lights that can be integrated into the shelves nicely. That nightly vision turned out perfect. So I bought the necessary things and my lovely husband helped out by attaching the lamps to the rail and putting everything together.



The good part also about the lights is that they aren’t spotlights. Otherwise the lights would have been just too bright and shiny. But the next part is to figure out what to put on the wall. The wood carvings are there temporarily. This is going to cause a head ache for me since I really have a hard time choosing what to put up on the wall.

Lights in the living room

Lights in the living roomI was hoping to get some better pictures but unfortunately by camera has broke and it is in care right now. I only have my phone to use so I’m not getting what I want. In these moments I really notice that I do not care for mobile phones’ cameras. I want a real camera.

But as the last past about lighting I noticed that hiding your Christmas lights behind the curtains is a great way to bring soft light into your home and getting rid of those ugly electric wires. The curtains that we have hanging in our living room are very light and sheer so the little lights really shine through beautifully. And this is something extra quick and easy to do.

lights behind curtains

lights behind curtains

Christmas is already so close that I really hope I can get everything ready by then. I just got all the Christmas decorations up. Hope to share them with you soon. Have a great day.

– Alina

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