Christmas cards – check

I was certain I wanted to make some Christmas cards even though going back to work has made time even more limited. Using the same sketch/template makes this job a bit more easier and quicker. Of course it does get a little tedious but I spiced up the job by using  different papers and ribbons.

Christmas cards 2014

As you can tell all I needed were blank cards, white paper and colorful papers, ribbons, embellishments, some black ink and a Christmas stamp.

Christmas cards 2014WP_20141201_13_30_57_ProChristmas cards

I’m not happy with the quality of the picture but I am still without my camera. It’s in repair and I just have my phone’s camera. Oh well…

I wrote a quick Christmas greeting in the cards with my ZIG Calligraphy pen. This pen is great. I prefer a pen with  calligraphy tip especially when writing Christmas greetings. Fits with the mood. The ZIG pens have a great vaierty of  tips to choose from. In this case i used the 2.0 calligraphy tip. never underestimate a good pen. They are a rare form.

ZIG Calligraphy penThe last thing I did was that I added some gold and white striped washi tape to the back of the envelopes to just give the back something as well. Phew…I was done.

Washi tape and the ZIG calligraphy penOf course after enjoying the moment of getting all the cards done I noticed that I was still missing a few. Tonight is the last stretch then. Just for the fun of it, I will not make these cards the same. Let’s see what I come up with.

– Alina

p.s. Have you got your Christmas cards done yet? Do make at least a few. They really do cheer your loved ones. It is such a rare thing to get something else then an invoice now a days in the mail.

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