Advent calendar 2014

I prefer handmade advent calendars. Of course I had been planning for sometime already that I would create one also this year but suddenly I noticed after putting the girls to bed that it was the 31st November and it was 9 p.m. Since I do have a tendency to find some magical strength to do all these crafts of mine, I managed to find some things from the craft room and create a advent calendar for the girls that evening.

This is what I gathered to create the advent calendar. Small envelopes, small clothespins or pegs, sitckers, scissors, tape, cord, really really small candies (not too much sugar to the kids remember but it is christmas), glue gun and some sort of numbers from 1-24.

Advent calendar


Advent calendarI glued the number (little round wooden disk that I had found in sale at some craft store) to the clothepegs with the glue gun. I then put two candies and two similar stickers in each envelope for the girls and taped the envelopes shut.

I attached the envelopes by  the clothespegs onto the cord that I had. The idea was to create a garland like advent calendar. I attached the garland to the sliding door that my shelve has in the living room. A perfect spot!
advent calendarAdvent calendarAdvent calendarThe girls loved it in the morning when they woke up even though I would have probably wanted something more colorful that was more close to the childrens’ world. The nice part of it though was that it fit our living room.

A bit more Christmas decorations to come soon.

– Alina

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