The Christmas window

Some of you readers might have noticed that I like to build little worlds for my girls. So autumn came and went and you saw the autumn window that I did.  So when December came it was time to refresh the window. Turned out to be quite a challenge with the darkness. We leave to work when it is dark and we come back home when it is dark.

Christmas window Christmas windowChristmas windowChristmas window

The white fluffy stuff is actually polyester filling.  I had little lights taped already to the window sill in the autumn scene so it was just easy to take the moss off and replace it with the filling.

Christmas windowChristmas window Christmas window Christmas windowWhat about those pine cones that you see? Well I did not have those ready so I made a few quickly the day before. I’ll show you soon how easy it was to make those.

The other decor in the window is things that I have picked up in all sorts of sales through out the years. Gathering is an essential part of crafting.

Tomorrow something else then.

– Alina

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1 Response to The Christmas window

  1. Fabio says:

    Excellent, Alina! 🙂

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