Christmas and birthday with the forest animals

There were actually two reasons for making this center piece. My eldest daughter turned five and I wanted a center piece for the kids table that the kids could enjoy and then a center piece that fit in with Christmas. So this is what I came up with.

Each autumn I make a quick trip to the forest to pick moss, pine cones and small spruces that I can then use through out the autumn and the winter. I then have them outside on our balcony and from there I can go and get some whenever I need.

center piece center piece

I covered the underneath of the moss with tin foil and I also put a glass pie tray on top of the tin foil. This way I can pour some water for the moss to stay green and fresh through out the holiday season.

center piece

The center piece seems to have a life of it’s own. The animals seem to change places quite often. I did though catch a glimpse of my 3 year old sitting on the table and rearranging the animals so I guess she is the main designer. I do have to admit I do not blame the girls for playing with the animals. How can they resist when you create a mini forest for their animals right in front of their little faces while they eat their morning porridge.

center piece center piece

As I mentioned before these little animals I borrowed from my girls. They are created by Schleich and they have an amazing variety of things. Not just real life animals but things like dinosaurs and fairies. So you have the possibility to build all kinds of worlds.

See you soon again.

– Alina

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2 Responses to Christmas and birthday with the forest animals

  1. Kate says:

    This is so lovely Alina. I think I will try something similar to put on my dresser, it is so beautifully festive!

    • alinakelo says:

      Thank you Kate. I really like to use these little animals in different occasions. I would love to build a little terrarium world still and have a few animals in those.

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