Art! – my Christmas present

Is it a sign of adulthood when you purchase your first piece of art? I think I mentioned it before that we don’t have any art on our walls yet. I wasn’t even sure what to actually put up on the walls. No idea nor direction which became such a headache. But a few weeks back I was visiting a near by design market and I found an artist who I liked. I ended up taking my husband with me the next day and we ended up buying this elegant piece of art. Since the price was not an ‘ikea price’, we decided to explain it as our Christmas present to each other.

Teemu Järvi: DeerIt is printed on birch plywood and it it 70×93 cm large. I hung in our staircase where you can admire it from quite many angles. I was also able to give the piece a large area of it’s own which it did certainly require. The artist created 50 pieces of this particular art. Each piece has the artists signature and the number. We have 16th piece.

I was first a bit hesitant about the plywood but in the end it was exactly what me and my husband wanted. I also love that the piece consists of all the elements that speak to me. It has the nature and animal elements that remind me of Finland but since Asia is also very close to my heart the painting technique reminds me very much of a chinese painting.

I seem to fixed on animals and especially deers since I did notice that one of our pillows has this same theme going on.

Deer pillow

Back to my purchase. I was also lucky to have my good and very trusted friend with me to help me decide what to get as well as my mother who is one of my best friends. They both surprised me by getting 4 postcard from the artist as well that I will surely put on our wall. I just have to frame them again.

Postcards on the wall

The artist is called Teemu Järvi and he quite a large variety of pieces to choose form. You can find he’s homepage here.

– Alina

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