Happy Holidays everyone : Spice up your gingerbread cookies

It is Christmas Eve here and the excitement is going through the roof. I’ve had my fair share of gingerbread cookies already this season but this is something that might make you want to have a few more.

I took out my first batch of gingerbread dough at just before the month turned to December. Through the first 2 weeks the dough tasted so wonderful (I prefer it non-baked) but after a while you just can’t have no more.

So last week I started thinking about how I could at least spice up all those gingerbread cookies that I had at home.

Gingerbread cookieGingerbread cookiesgingerbread cookiesGingerbread cookies with a twist

All you need is gingerbread cookies, white chocolate and peppermint candy. I bashed up the candies into small bits by putting them into small plastics bags and hitting them with my rolling pin. The noisy part! I then melted the chocolate. I dipped the cookies into the melted chocolate and sprinkle the bashed up candy on top.

Gingerbread cookies with a twistGingerbread cookies with a twist Gingerbread cookies with a twist

These spiced up gingerbread cookies were a hit with the kids but also the adults. Peppermint candy, white chocolate and gingerbread cookies is a combination made in heaven. So if you do have some cookies lying around and nobody wanting to eat them anymore, try this.

Also make some icing for the kids so they can decorate their own cookies. You will surely get pieces of art that you do not simply bare to eat. These art pieces were made by my daughters. They loved decorating them but eating them as well. I think we have surely had our sugar levels quite high this December.

Kids' gingerbread artI simply did not have time to post everything that I wanted to share with you this Christmas but I decided to be different and post a Christmas post the food has been eaten and the gifts have been opened. I will give a glimpse into our own home as well as my grandparents’ place where we spend all our free time and what our Christmas here was like.

Happy HolidaysI hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you soon.

– Alina



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