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Hot air balloon lamp tutorial

So I finally got it done. The hot air balloon lamp tutorial. I really hope this helps some of you out but as a caution remember that I am not a electrician and the way I hang the lamp might … Continue reading

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Ikea solved the wrapping paper dilemma

I ran over to Ikea to buy a lamp two days ago. (For you who wonder how I did those hot air balloon lamps, don’t worry, tutorial is on it’s way. Coming up very very soon.) But the little visit … Continue reading

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Wing themed cabochon pendant necklaces

I fell in love when I saw these washi tapes pop up in Teippitarha store last autumn. The little pictures were perfect for the cabochon pendants that I like to make. This was of course a problem since I think … Continue reading

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Last years’ gifts wrapped

The very end of last year I did remember to wrap up some present neatly and nicely. I seem to always be a little late with this even though I have a zillion ideas in my head. Here is a … Continue reading

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No time to bake – only to update

Sometimes time isn’t on my side and I don’t get to express myself the way I prefer. A few weeks we had some guests over and we wanted to make a cake for them. Unfortunately I did not have time … Continue reading

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Birthday treats to the playschool

Nowadays we are quite aware of what our children should and shouldn’t eat. These ideologies have also landed into our childrens’ playschool in Finland and in most playschools giving any kind of treats is very forbidden. I do believe that … Continue reading

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Frosty winter and a bit of autumn

My mother keeps her eyes wide open each time she travels somewhere. She seems to always find great little jewelry materials that I can use. She visited Estonia and Germany last year and she brought back a few little things. … Continue reading

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Craft hour with the kids: Red hats in the snow

The Christmas holiday is nearly over and I really do feel like I haven’t slept at all. The flu has been so persistent that it has taken all the energy out of me. I haven’t done much myself but I … Continue reading

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