Frosty winter and a bit of autumn

My mother keeps her eyes wide open each time she travels somewhere. She seems to always find great little jewelry materials that I can use. She visited Estonia and Germany last year and she brought back a few little things.

The first ones that she brought over from Germany were stones. Well actually if I understood correctly wooden beads. She brought over a whole variety of colors but I did specifically ask for white. That is a sure color to go with anything. But these beads turned out quite unique. I had never seen beads that were light as air and had this stunning glow to them. The beads were almost traslucent.

Translucent wood bead necklaceTranslucent wood bead necklaceTranslucent wood bead necklace

I had ordered some new locks during autumn and I had forgotten I had these in my stash. I was a bit hesitant at first when I bumped into them, not sure if I liked them but when I got it all in place I loved the simplicity of it and how it attaches. The lock works with a magnet.

Translucent wood bead necklaceTranslucent wood bead necklace

I used white 1 mm cotton with the beads. Even though the beads do not look like wood I liked the idea of combining natural materials together.

Translucent wood bead necklaceTo the other one that I got. I was also lucky to receive these beautiful ceramic buttons that do remind me of the past autumn. My mother found them while travelling in Estonia. The country is still working it’s way up from the hard times that lay behind but their skill in handcrafts is to be admired. I hope they do not disappear but grow stronger in time.

Ceramic buttons Ceramic buttons Ceramic buttons

The buttons are quite large so I think I’m going to go for silver with these and probably use them for necklaces. Hope to get something out of these. But aren’t they just like candy.

– Alina

P.s. I have baout 100 photos from Christmas so it’ll take a little while before I’m through going over them. I promised to give a little glimpse into our Christmas. it sill surely come soon.


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2 Responses to Frosty winter and a bit of autumn

  1. ericrynne says:

    Very nice indeed! Where about in Estonia? I was in old town Tallin a few years back! Beautiful Country! I’ve seen something similar to these beads at my local Jewelry Store in Campbell CA

    Stunning indeed! 🙂

    • alinakelo says:

      It was in Tallinn. I can surely get a better answer for you if you want when I get my mother on the phone . 🙂 The beads surely were very intriguing. I had never seen them before so it was a nice surprise.

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