Birthday treats to the playschool

Nowadays we are quite aware of what our children should and shouldn’t eat. These ideologies have also landed into our childrens’ playschool in Finland and in most playschools giving any kind of treats is very forbidden.

I do believe that it is our duty as parents to teach our children to eat right but I also do think that treats are part of childhood. We all remember how wonderful it was to receive an ice cream or candy when we were small.

When playschool started last autumn we were faced with the same problem. In our playschool there is a habit of letting a child who’s birthday it is, to bring a little treat to the whole class. I love this idea but I do understand the teachers that if in one week there are 4 birthdays that is a quite a lot of treats.

So I really wanted my eldest to bring something for the class for her birthday and this is what I came up with. Popcorn treat bags.

Popcorn treat bags

So I just made some popcorn and put them into these little plastic treat bags that I closed up. The bags already had a seal ready made for easy closure. I had some old cardboard like folders lying around that I had just saved for situations like these. I cut circles using my

Popcorn treat bags

I did little popcorn treat bags for the kids. I know that kids always love little treat bags whatever the content is. I chose popcorn as the treat for three reasons. It is more healthy than chocolate, kids really seem to like popcorn and there are no allergy hassles.

Popcorn treat bags

Popcorn treat bags

I gave the basket along with my daughter to the playschool for her to be able to give out the treats. I was actually first going to just put them into a bag but oh it was so horrible that I changed into the basket. The little treat bags fit perfectly into it and giving them to each child from this is so much nicer than just from a plastic bag.

I think we could all use a little refreshing on the candy side. There are really good but healthy treats that kids like. In Finland you can visit these Säästä&Punnitse shops. They specialize in selling all things that are mostly healthy and good and eco friendly. I love to go there with my kids and familiarize them with different nuts and peanuts as well as dried fruits. Some of these products go down like candy.

– Alina

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