Last years’ gifts wrapped

The very end of last year I did remember to wrap up some present neatly and nicely. I seem to always be a little late with this even though I have a zillion ideas in my head. Here is a small glimpse into last year wrapping world.

Blue, red, dot and stripes. Don’t walk past wonderful wrapping papers in stores.

Gift wrapping

House warming gift. The cutting board was beautiful on it’s own that there was no need to hide it. I also added some rye bread and salt to the package. This is a traditional house warming gift at least here in Finland. Pink to bring some warmth to the gift and as a fun addition I put some spruce branches and a pink felted heart I made some time ago.

Gift wrapping

I have little boxes all around my craft room that I do not intend to through away but keep for cases like these. I made a quick card for the birthday girl and added some white paper roses on top. These little roses are quite delicate and beautiful and are just the size of a tip of the little finger.

Gift wrapping

With this packaging I managed actually take a few more photos. The Christmas sales start in the stores already before Christmas eve and I found these little wooden houses and snowflakes for just 1 €. For all you here in Finland, keep you eyes open when you visit Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (book store). You can quite often find very good craft bargains.

Gift wrappingGift wrappingGift wrappingGift wrapping

This gift I wrapped using golden elastic string and then I just added left over Christmas decorations to it. Actually I just then noticed that elastic string is a wonderful material to use on childrens’ gift. They can really open up the present without using the help of an adult or scissors.

 Gift wrappingGift wrapping

This isn’t elastic even though it looks like it but a long time ago I got a bunch of these colorful pieces of rubber. I love the looks of these fun strings and they fit perfectly to this present for a big three year old boy. I create a quick but fun card for the birthday boy with cute little stickers.

Gift wrappingGift wrapping

I hope to get some new wrapping paper since I did notice I use a lot of this Kraft wrapping paper. I just seem to be attracted to this brown paper always. I’ve noticed lately that I would rally like to have plain white wrapping paper as well but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. anyone in Finland have any clues? It really does not have to be authentic wrapping paper. Any kind will do.

– Alina

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