Wing themed cabochon pendant necklaces

Bird and butterfly washi tapeI fell in love when I saw these washi tapes pop up in Teippitarha store last autumn. The little pictures were perfect for the cabochon pendants that I like to make.

This was of course a problem since I think I have about 150 of these necklaces already. I really do have to start selling them since my bathroom is turning into a human size jewelry box.

But when I saw these washi tapes I just had to get them and I was right. The tapes were perfect for the pendants.

So how do you use the washi tape in the pendants?
You just stick the tape onto some white stiff paper or cardboard. Then you can create the pendant just like in my cabochon pendant tutorial.

These washi tapes are wider than the normal basic washi tapes. Their width is 30mm and there for fit perfectly with the glass cabochons I bough. So do remember to check that the pendant and the washi tape go together by size. Rule is that the washi tape has to be a bit wider than the glass cabochon.

I created a gallery for you to see the outcome with these lovely washi tapes. I really do have to make some more.


Hope you like them. I’m going pop by the store and see if they have anything new to use!

– Alina

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