Ikea solved the wrapping paper dilemma

I ran over to Ikea to buy a lamp two days ago. (For you who wonder how I did those hot air balloon lamps, don’t worry, tutorial is on it’s way. Coming up very very soon.) But the little visit turned into joy for me! I think it was just a few posts ago I was thinking about where I could buy white plain paper that was strong enough to work as wrapping paper. That place happens to be Ikea.

Ikea sell big rolls of white drawing paper in the kids apartment. I took a risk since I wasn’t sure how good it was but it turn out to be great. It is 40 cm wide and it has 30 m of paper. It will last a while and the price was not bad at all. 3,99 euros only.

White wrapping paper

So we have a birthday party coming up this weekend and it was a wonderful time to test out the new paper. I wrapped the gift and gave the totally white box to my daughter and told her to decorate it a bit. I think it came out so fun and colorful.

White wrapping paper

I bought the birthday girl a few bracelets as well. They are quite beautiful actually and decided to add them to the ribbon. So we don’t always have to wrap everything up but they can be a part of the wrapping.

White wrapping paper


So I did find my white wrapping paper which I am very happy about. Thank you Ikea. I actually also love those moments when something just clicks and you suddenly find the solution. What a thrill. That was the feeling I got then standing there alone in middle of the kids apartment in Ikea.

– Alina

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