Random bunch of bracelets

I really haven’t had a good chance to sit down and make jewelry but I’ve gotten a few bracelets done in January. There really isn’t a theme here so it really is random.

Cotton over memory wire

This is the first try so the outcome isn’t exactly what I am looking for but the basic idea worked. I twisted some 1.5 mm cotton wire of memory wire and then just added some swarovski crystals to it. I might want to use 2-4 mm cotton cord next time.

Cotton and swarovski crystal bracelet Cotton and swarovski crystal bracelet

Black leather

I’m quite bad with black but luckly I sometimes do have to since a customer asks. It is good to step out of your comfort zone. This bracelet turned out a bit more hard core than I had imaged. The reason for this seems to be the beads. that are quite large. At the same time this does not bother me because it is just another style for this weaved bracelet.

Black leather bracelet Black leather bracelet Black leather braceletLighter than air bracelet

This bracelet is so different to the previous one. I used light blue faceted 6mm jade and a variety of different shaped ja size freshwater pearls. I also put clear swarovski crystals. I love the connector I bought a month back which is shaped like a number eight.

Jade and freshwater pearl bracelet


Leather meets metal

Stones aren’t always mandatory. This bracelet consists of chain, a large lock, metal beads and 3 mm leather.

Leather and chain braceletLeather and chain bracelet


I love this fox head charm.  The bracelet itself is very simple but I think that it just works. Here I used 3mm leather cord as well.

Fox charm and leather bracelet Fox charm and leather bracelet


Some craft and DIY coming up next. Have a great week!

– Alina

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