Fairies are home

I had a string of little lights which I hadn’t used since I actually did not like the color of the lights. They are a little too orange like for my taste around Christmas and there for I don’t seem to find a place for them.

But I’ve sometimes mentioned that things need time and this was one of those. The lights found a home. Fairy homes.

Fairy lightsSo the idea started when I did these little houses with my girls. They are made from toilet paper rolls, carton (the roofs), pastel colored paints and glitter.

Fairy house from toilet paper rollsAfter craft time we had  made a bunch of these little houses and for some time they sat on a shelve. I thought the colors of these houses were lovely and I just did not want to throw them away yet. I cut a whole at the top of the roof and through the whole I pushed the lights through. In some cases if I had cut the hole a little too big I had to put a little piece of tape  to keep the lights in place.

Making fairy house lights

When I was done I turned the lights on and voilá the fairy houses lit up. I love the fact that it seems like someone is home.


Fairy lights

Now the next challenge is to find a place to put them.

– Alina




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