Leather feather

As some of you may have noticed I like to use leather in my jewelry. Last week I was trying to arrange my craft room and I bumped into a large box full of scraps of leather. My mother (luckly) has always saved all kinds of craft materials. Even this box has been in my family for ages just waiting for it to be used.

Leather scraps

Feathers have been popping up everywhere and I really wanted to create some sort of leather feather. I know that the template that I used for these feathers is not the best but as the first leather template I was happy. I’m sure I would have gotten something better if I had not just cut free hand but I was really wanting to get something done quickly.

Leather feather

So these little feathers ended up in this necklace. I used botswana agate, jade and crystal quartz stone and a little cute charm.

Leather feather necklace Leather feather necklace Leather feather necklace


I have to sketch a bit next time to get exactly the right feather.

– Alina

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2 Responses to Leather feather

  1. kerenbaker says:

    Just beautiful! I like the feather how it is. A gorgeous piece of unique jewellery. I have some leather lying around too- will have to create something with it! x

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