Learning shapes

A nice way to add a bit of secret learning to a fun craft session with the kids is this:

Learning shapes

I gave my daughters some scissors and colorful papers where I had drawn different shapes and let them cut them out.

Learning shapes I then gave them a picture I had drawn and told them to build this house using the shapes they had cut out and a glue stick.

Learning shapes

They managed well. The chimney caused a bit of confusion but no worries. During this cutting and gluing I kept talking about the shapes and sizes. Since my girls do not speak fluent English they were actually quite eager to learn these shapes in English as well. So in the end we used both languages.

When they had finished their houses I gave them some free play time with the left over papers and glue. I’m sure this was the part they enjoyed the most. Let their inner artist out.

Inner artist at play


This little craft session is easy to set up and quick to do. Everyone with kids usually has a glue stick, pen, scissors, plain white paper and colored paper at home, so there are no excuses to why we could not do this. So get up and go do some crafts with your kids. They will surely enjoy the moment.

– Alina

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