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Excuse me, but I have green lentils in my soup.

I like to use lentils but I’ve noticed that it needs some practice. They aren’t hard to use at all but remembering to use them is the key. The remembering part is only to do with the fact that it … Continue reading

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Cotton and leather weaved again

I’ve been looking into different weaving a braiding methods and I found this technique a few weeks back. It is easy to make but actually quite slow. The speed depends a lot on what material you are using and the … Continue reading

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Empty your freezers

Even though it does not yet feel like it summer is here soon and that means that soon our apple trees will be full of apples. A few weeks ago when the first rays of light ┬ástarted peeping through the … Continue reading

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This necklace needs only these beads

  These beads have been with me since 2010. My mother brought them from her last trip to Thailand and since then I have not known what to do with them. That actually does not bother me since I know … Continue reading

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Brownie cake for the birthday boy

Who doesn’t like brownies? I love brownies and of course the best buddies of this scrumptious treat is vanilla ice cream. So my husband had his birthday a few weeks back and what a great excuse for me to make … Continue reading

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It definitely required some bling

I had bought a sweatshirt which had these cute little diamond attached to it. So the day came when I had to wash it and after the washing machine was done all the diamonds had fallen off. I was actually … Continue reading

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