It definitely required some bling

I had bought a sweatshirt which had these cute little diamond attached to it. So the day came when I had to wash it and after the washing machine was done all the diamonds had fallen off. I was actually quite annoyed but luckly I found a way to upgrade the shirt rather then just complain. This is what I was left with before updating: A glue drop flower.


Just add bling (and doesn’t every 5 year old girl love a little bling). So I had some cord and sew-on diamonds lying around.

upgrade you sweatshirt

Bling sweatshirt

Bling sweatshirtBling sweatshirtMy girl did love it and I was not surprised. I did go over board a bit but actually I think that in this instance it works. the flashy pink with these diamonds is every little girls dream.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Alina

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