Empty your freezers

Even though it does not yet feel like it summer is here soon and that means that soon our apple trees will be full of apples. A few weeks ago when the first rays of light  started peeping through the clouds i took a look inside our freezer.

Like very year I was faced with large amounts of mushrooms, fruits and berries that we had frozen from last summer and autumn. So this start of the spring will be dedicated to eating all those away so we can once again fill our freezer full of goodies.

So I started with apples…

Apple treat


This little easy and quick treat is oh so good. All you need is some apples (frozen or not), butter, butter sugar, whipped cream, cinnamon, white bread.

First some butter into the pan and let it melt. Throw in the copped apples and sugar. Let the apples soften up but not too much.

Divide the apples into serving portions and put the into the fridge to cool.

Crumble the white bread and put them into a hot dry pan. Add sugar and cinnamon. Keep stirring all the time. Once the ingredients have mixed well and it has gotten some color, let the bread crumble cool down. Now whip the cream

take the apples from the fridge and add whipped cream on the apples and then the bread crumble.

That’s it!

Apple treatThe crumble actually was the best part of this treat and if you have some leftovers then use it on some ice cream.

– Alina


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