Tutorial: Key chain

My key chain broke so I decided to make a new one. It was so fun to make so I must share it with everyone. I created the key chain using old wooden beads that I have a ton lying around.

This is what you are going to need. A cardboard box, string, wooden beads, paints and a paint brush.
Key chain

So you must be wondering what the cardboard box is used for. It is actually for painting the beads. This way you can string the beads and paint them without having to touch them with your fingers at all. Underneath you can see what I did. The length of the strings has to be so long that you can tie it around the box easily.

Key chain

To keep the strings in place I made little cuts to the edge of the box and put the strings to run through them. This way the strings to not move at any point.

Key chain

After painting the beads I left them to dry.

Key chain

After the beads have dried you can take the beads off the stings.

Key chain

Now you can gather your materials for the key chain. I did a very simple piece since this was something my girls could take part in. Well actually we also painted the beads together so that is a very possible craft thing to do with your kids.

For the key chain you’ll need some string (I used 1.5 mm white cotton cord), beads, charms and a lobster swivel clasps.

key chain

Cut approx. 25 cm piece of the cord and string the clasp and the charm.

Key chain

Make a loop after the clasp and the charm. I needed to make two loops on top of each other since the holes in the beads are large. So take that into account when doing this.

Key chain

String the beads.

Key chain

Tie a knot at the end of the beads. Remember to take into account again the size of the beads’ holes. I had to tie two knots.

Key chain

Cut off the excess string. I left a little tail in the end but that is up to you.

Key chain

That’s it. You are done. Oh so easy and fun. Key chainHope your Easter holiday was fun. Ours was at least full of chocolate eggs, bunnies and feathers.

– Alina


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