A few necklaces


The past weeks have been quite busy with all little things and I have a feeling that it will only get busier. I’ve been doing all sorts of things but getting to the computer has been a job. I did though get a few long necklaces done.

This first necklace is created using dark blue faceted rondelle agate stones. I had such a hard time photographing the stones . The color of the stones is so eye catching but unfortunately in the end I was not able to photograph it for you.



The second necklace is also agate. but the colors are this time different. This necklace surely reminds me of spring and summer.


The last necklace is made of quite a few stones. I love the large stone which is a faceted goldstone. I also used some orange and white jade, carnelian and jasper.

NecklaceNecklaceI hope to write soon and not let all this busy life get to me.

– Alina


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