Make my wrists beautiful

I love bracelets.  I could make them all day long. Here is a little peek into what I have done.

BraceletThis bracelet is made of these absolutely beautiful agate stones. The stones are 8 mm large and faceted. I also used sterling silver this time.


This bracelet is also made of agate stone and faceted. This is a good example when you compare this to the first bracelet since both of them are made of the same stone. Agate can be found in large variety of colors and shapes. A great stones! This bracelet is also made using sterling silver. The large 12 mm ring with two twisted wires I did myself. I love to make them but it is a very time consuming process that isn’t easy to do with little kids.


In this bracelet I used 1 mm leather cord and smoky quartz, green freshwater pearls, pyrite and charms. I really like the owl charm and I truly think that one cannot have too many charms. It is a fun way to express your ideas and thoughts.


This bracelet is made using red 10 mm coral stones. The great thing about coral is that even though it has been polished to a nice smooth round shape it still has little flaws. This makes it much more interesting. I also used sterling silver in this piece.

BraceletBraceletI used Picasso Jasper stones in this bracelet. The stone is quite beautiful with it’s soft earthly colors. I used sterling silver in this one.

Bracelet Bracelet

In this bralclet I used faceted botswana agate. The stones are quite big measuring from 10 to 14 mm. Once again I used sterling silver in this.

BraceletBraceletThat’s it for today. I just got back from my oh so wonderful trip from Paris and therefore it’s been quiet here. No worries I have not forgotten you readers.

– Alina


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